The appearance of network cabinet is adopted to meet the standard requirements of communication head cabinet. Large screen intelligent monitoring system is configured to provide accurate input and output power consumption monitoring.

  • The Electrical Distribution Box The Electrical Distribution Box
    According to the requirements of electrical wiring, the distribution box is to assemble the switchgear, measuring instruments, protective appliances and auxiliary equipment in a closed or semi closed metal cabinet or panel to form a low-voltage distribution device. During normal operation, the circuit can be turned on or off with the help of manual or automatic switch. In case of fault or abnormal operation, cut off the circuit or give an alarm with the help of protective appliances. By means of measuring instruments, various parameters in operation can be displayed, and some electrical parameters can be adjusted to prompt or send signals for deviation from normal working state.
  • Micro Module Power Distribution Cabinet Micro Module Power Distribution Cabinet
    Micro module refers to a number of it cabinets, power supply units and air conditioning terminal units as the basic unit, including network, wiring, monitoring and fire protection functions. All the components in the module can be prefabricated in the factory, and can be flexibly disassembled and transported. The micro module can be quickly deployed and put into use as an independent small data center to realize partial decoupling with the computer room environment. The scheme adopts integrated design, standardized production and standard rack design and installation mode, including power supply, power distribution, cabinet, refrigeration, monitoring, lighting and other subsystem modules. It is widely used in branch network wiring room, bank and telecom business network room, small and medium-sized enterprise room, energy and chemical industry central control room, rail transit network room along the line Small substation and power plant room and other application scenarios.
  • Precision Power Distribution Cabinet Precision Power Distribution Cabinet
    Precision power distribution cabinet is an intelligent power distribution cabinet which aims at the energy terminal of data center room and collects all energy data comprehensively. It provides high-precision monitoring data for terminal energy system, and reflects power quality data in real time through display unit. And upload to the background dynamic environment monitoring system platform through digital communication, so as to achieve the real-time monitoring of the whole distribution system and effective management of operation quality. Help users optimize the power management of network data center, provide power distribution, distribution circuit protection, metering, management for network equipment.
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