UPS monitoring is to collect the data of uninterruptible power supply in the computer room. Through the way of remote transmission, the unified monitoring and management are carried out on the PC in the central computer room. The remote switching of ups and the remote charging and discharging of UPS battery are realized. If any abnormality is found, SMS alarm, telephone alarm, sound and light alarm can be given to the administrator to facilitate the effective management of the person in charge of the computer room.

  • Professional UPS Battery Monitoring System Professional UPS Battery Monitoring System
    UPS monitoring system can be divided into narrow sense and broad sense. In a narrow sense, UPS monitoring system is a solution to monitor and manage the operation status of ups; Generalized UPS monitoring system refers to a comprehensive UPS power supply safety management system that not only monitors and manages the operation status of UPS itself, but also monitors, manages and controls the ups centered power environment system. UPS monitoring system is developed with the development of UPS Technology and products. It is an important part of UPS power supply system. Battery inspection instrument is a real-time, perfect on-line detection and management device for power system battery. Safety regulations and EMC conform to CE certification. It has been widely used in UPS monitoring system, power, communication, transportation, automobile and other related industries
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