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Changfeng Innovation is the leading power distribution equipment manufacturer with over 20 years experience. The main products are: Cabinet-type data center products; Precision power distribution cabinet; GGD/GCK/MNS power distribution cabinet; Intelligent array cabinet; Special software for communication industry; Power network management software; UPS (uninterruptible power supply); Storage battery; Precision computer room air conditioning; Computer room power environment centralized monitoring system and battery cabinet (rack), etc.


Changfeng power distribution equipment manufacturers has a R & D team with high technical quality, many senior engineers and masters of engineering. It has the ability to design and develop power supply and power distribution equipment for many years. It provides users with integrated solutions for power supply and distribution system, ensuring high product quality and high service efficiency.

The company has been deeply engaged in the field of power distribution equipment system integration for 18 years, adhering to the strategic focus and refining the main business, focusing on the customized, prefabricated, integrated, modular and integrated design, R & D, production and supporting sales of monitoring software for communication room and data center and power supply and distribution system, and providing intelligent power distribution cabinet solutions to meet the individual needs of users.

Service Advantage

Changfeng power distribution equipment manufacturers has a perfect after-sales service system, hotline: 400-666-7261, with after-sales service cars and professionals, service time in Beijing is 7 hours × 24 hours, service response time 2 hours to the scene.

  • Send Inquiry

    The customer informs the required form factor, performance specifications, life cycle and compliance requirements.

  • Design Team

    The design team has been involved from the beginning of a project to ensure a customized design power distribution equipment product that best suits the needs of the customer.

  • Quality Control

    In order to provide a high-quality structure & power distribution cabinet products, we maintain an effective quality management system.

  • Mass Production

    Once the prototype is verified in terms of form, function and requirements, power distribution cabinet production is the next stage.

About Us

As one of the best power distribution equipment manufacturers, Changfeng Innovation always takes the market as the guidance, continuously explores the customer demand, adheres to the technical drive and continues to create.We specialized in power distribution equipment manufacturing and have the experience of exporting power distribution cabinet to the world.

Beijing Changfeng Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Changfeng Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 and located in Peking. It's a national high-tech enterprise specializing in products and system solutions for data center & power supply and distribution system of communication room. Changfeng focus on customized, prefabricated, integrated, modular, integrated design, research and development(R&D), manufacture and market. And professional in providing intelligent solutions to meet user's personalized requirements. Changfeng own independent R&D team,1200 square meters of production plant and multiple sets of professional testing instruments and equipment.

  • 2002
    Company Establishment
  • 500+
    Company Personnel
  • 3000+
    Factory Area
  • OEM
    OEM Custom Solutions

Changfeng Innovation pursues the goal of long-term stable development, to provide customers high quality power distribution equipment with long-term reliable service.

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